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Learn about the latest emerging technologies and building a business from world-class instructors on our AI-driven educational platform.
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Learn from celebrities, college professors, influencers - those who’ve already done it. Gain key industry insights and understand what it takes to make it in your chosen field of study. Learn how to create a successful business, monetize yourself as a creative, or even become a professional dancer. The opportunities are endless.


Metaversity’s MentorAI acts as a personalized mentor to ensure you’re learning and executing upon your education. After asking a couple onboarding questions, MentorAI creates an action plan based on your desired goals and time commitment. Not only will it recommend the proper courses to take and lesson plan, but it will also send email and text notifications to hold you accountable and keep you on track.


Blockchain-validated certification of course completion is provided for all Metaversity courses. This enables security and eliminates falsified credentials; Metaversity is the only course platform to provide such certification.

Metaversity’sCore Mission

Millions of people want to build a business, become an artist, learn how to code, master video editing, and so on - but there’s no place for formal education to learn these skills. Traditional universities aren’t for everyone - but the unfortunate demise is that there is no place for these builders, creators, and innovators.

Some content exists, but there’s no guidance and no accountability. Metaversity not only provides you with a detailed curriculum to understand these technologies, but also guides you along the way to ensure you are actually executing upon this education and achieving the goals you desire.


Harsha Tambareni
Harsha Tambareni

Founder, CEO

Agastya Gudipati
Agastya Gudipati

Project Manager

srikar karra
srikar karra


Sai karra
Sai karra


More Than Us
More Than Us


What is Metaversity?
Metaversity is an innovative course platform aiming to bridge the educational gap in the modern world. We provide education to builders, creators, and innovators, offering courses on entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, and content creation. Metaversity is unique in its use of AI and blockchain technologies, personalized guidance, and a focus on not just delivering content but facilitating personal growth and progress.
Why should I join Metaversity?
You should join Metaversity if you want to learn, grow, and monetize your skills in a supportive and innovative environment. Metaversity offers comprehensive courses taught by experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs. Our unique MentorAI offers personalized guidance and accountability, ensuring you are not just learning but also implementing and achieving your goals.
What makes Metaversity different from other course platforms?
Metaversity sets itself apart through its use of advanced technologies like AI and blockchain, its Learn 2 Earn system, and its strong focus on mentorship and accountability. Our MentorAI system provides personalized guidance and action plans, while our blockchain-based certification ensures the validity of your achievements. With our Learn 2 Earn system, you can earn rewards as you learn, making the process more enjoyable and rewarding.
What type of people should join Metaversity?
Metaversity is ideal for builders, creators, and innovators looking for a dynamic platform to learn and grow. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, content creator, or artist, or if you're interested in emerging technologies and want to learn how to monetize your talents or ideas, Metaversity is the right place for you.
How do I join Metaversity?
You can join Metaversity by subscribing to our platform which will be released soon. We offer two types of access: a recurring subscription of $12.99/month or $124.99/year, and the Metaversity Access Pass, which offers lifetime access and additional benefits including access to a private Discord community, live masterclasses, and the Learn 2 Earn rewards system.
How much does it cost to be a part of Metaversity?
You can be a part of Metaversity through a recurring subscription of $12.99/month or $124.99/year. Alternatively, you can purchase the Metaversity Access Pass for lifetime access to the platform and additional benefits. The cost of the Metaversity Access Pass is based upon the market demand through secondary sales.